Custom Dual Camera Leather Harness – a review from a photographer! (Holdfast moneymaker alternative)

Like many fellow wedding photographers, I am forever searching for new gadgets to add to me ever-growing arsenal of gear. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have an addiction, an addiction to staying up late and browsing hundreds of web pages to find the perfect lens, the perfect filter and perfect bag for this career.

However, a good harness is something I’ve often neglected to purchase. I’m not sure why, but for a few years I made do with the standard camera straps with “CANON” obnoxiously branded across them, as if I need to tell everybody what make of camera I shoot with. I switched to an amazon-brand dual-camera harness when I decided to shoot with two bodies on-the-go instead of one, but honestly, that thing sucked. (I’ll get into a review of that beast another time, but let’s just say – for the ladies, don’t buy it unless you want something to ride up your boobs so far you could scream.)

I’ve always adored the holdfast moneymakers. They sing to my soul, perfect leather harnesses made to hold my previous gear. But I’m a working mother. I’m trying to pay my bills and support my family, and over £200 on a harness is not an expense I could justify this year. No matter how fancy it is.

So I spent many nights, late late nights, researching harnesses and the kind of things that could make them tick. What I really needed to invest in, and finally I decided that I was best off having somebody who knew what they were doing custom-make a leather harness for me.

That’s when I came across SixMagpiesLeather on Etsy. And I was thoroughly impressed. Just over £60 later and I awaited my new, custom made harness to arrive in the post. I was not disappointed.


The harness is beautiful. Stunning. The quality is absolutely amazing.

My 5-year-old son has taken to calling it my “smelly belt”, because you can smell the quality of the leather. It’s a lovely smell.

The harness itself feels both comfortable and strong, it moves with ease and I trust my cameras with it completely. Not only that, but it looks very stylish. So much more attractive than the awful fabric harnesses I used to wear. I feel professional and stylish wearing this, rather than bulky and awkward.

John from SML engraved my name into it free of charge, so everybody knows that the harness is mine – and there’s free advertising without me having to speak to anybody! Honestly, I can’t sing their praises enough, because this harness is freaking gorgeous for the price, and I’d wager it’s just as good as a holdfast. It comes with a spare connector for where the leather crosses at the back, which is a good job because I knocked mine out already from heavy use and storing it poorly – the only fault in it – but I’d wager they are extremely cheap to replace anyway.

I’d recommend this harness to anybody looking for a dual-camera harness alternative to the holdfast moneymaker, so go on over and check it out now!


When you are grown.

When you are grown

I will look back on this photo

And remember a simple time

When you thought of me only as a hero

And I was your whole heart


I will remember the angel lashes

That flutter on your cheek as you

Are lost in a dream land of your own

And find innocence in your beauty


I will remember every kiss I pressed

Upon your perfect skin

And the way you scrunch up your nose

When I kiss you too much


I will remember every moment you held me

As I held you and told you

That I would love you forever and a day

And you told me you loved me more


I will remember the vibrant giggles that echo

Through the house as you bound about

And I will not mind when you jump on me

And demand to be tickled


I will remember the times we lay awake at night

Talking about our fears

Talking about our dreams, our likes, our lives

And fall asleep in each others arms


I will remember

When you are grown.

Don’t try to feed your child cheese if you want to live.


This is what happens when mummy tries to get her picky child to eat plain old CHEESE. After 15 minutes of pleading, begging and bribing, child finally gave in and put approximately 1mm of cheese in his mouth. This was followed by eccentric GAGGING, “sick” noises, and a 5 minute sobbing fit about how “horrible” it was. Mummy is done for the day. Mummy has spent nearly an hour trying to get child to put new foods in his mouth, including a beautiful strawberry and apple smoothly that ended up all over mummy. Mummy is now feeding said child chicken nuggets and wondering why she doesn’t drink wine.

This is Parenthood.

Image may contain: one or more people and stripes

This is Parenthood.

It’s staying up all night when you’re exhausted because they just won’t sleep.

It’s kisses and cuddles and tickles, even when you’re exhausted.

It’s toddler tantrums and waving goodbye as they go to school.

It’s when tiny bodies crawl into your bed at 11pm, demanding to be cuddled to sleep.

Its sticky fingers being smeared on your face and having fifteen fights in a row because no, it’s not okay to eat jellybeans for dinner.

It’s wanting to cry and scream and shout and laugh and jump at the same time because your heart swells so much when you think about a tiny human.

It’s 24 hours a day,

7 days a week;

it’s painful,

it’s exhausting,

it’s awful sometimes.

It’s emotional fights and the struggle between wanting to be your child’s friend and knowing you have to be hard on them to help them grow up stronger.

It’s preparing a life to be able to live themselves.

It’s wondering how you’ll ever cope, but knowing you’d never want it any other way.

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